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Buildfolio is a developer portfolio platform where you can easily create your own portfolio to showcase your projects. Leverage SEO-optimized portfolio and project pages for more visibility for yourself and your projects.

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Create Your Portfolio

Easily create your own developer portfolio to showcase your work to everyone.

Explore Other Portfolios

All portfolios are publicly available. Check out the work from other developers.

Showcase Your Projects

Showcase all your projects and let others know what you are working on.

Link Your Projects

Easily link your landing page and enable others to easily check out your project.

SEO Backlinks

Leverage the Buildfolio platform to generate a backlink for your project website.


Buildfolio is SEO-friendly be default and enables you to improve your search engine appearance.


Buildfolio.io is a great platform to easily create your own developer portfolio and to showcase your projects. And the best: it comes with an outstanding UI/UX. "

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Buildfolio?

Buildfolio is a platform for developers to showcase their portfolio and projects. Easily create your own developer portfolio or explore the projects of other developers.

How can I create my own developer portfolio?

Simply register an account on Buildfolio to create, design and maintain your own developer portfolio.

Is my developer portfolio visible to others?

Yes, Buildfolio is designed to be an open platform to showcase your developer portfolio and projects. Therefore, your profile will be visible to everyone.

Can Buildfolio be used as a SEO backlink for my project?

Yes, Buildfolio is a good way to generate a backlink for your project. Every developer portfolio and every project is a server-side rendered page and therefore optimized for SEO purposes.

What about my data privacy?

All data you add to your portfolio is encrypted and securely stored. But please keep in mind that all data you add to your portfolio is publicy visible and can be viewed by everyone.

Support & Feedback

In case you need any help, or have feedback or recommentations, simply send us a message via our Contact Us form.